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Salma Shah

Salma Shah

Founding Director

Mastering Your Power


Opportunities and challenges: what ‘new norms’ are required for coaching and supervision in the 21st century?
23/04/24, 14:00

Salma Shah is the Founder of the unique award-winning Mastering Your Power a certified coach training programme designed with a wider systemic lens of diversity, inclusion, belonging and equity. She has been coaching clients and delivering workshops for over twenty years. She is also the author of the ground breaking book, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in Coaching, a motivational game changer of how to confidently and courageously meet the complex needs of all employees by taking actions that shift the dial towards creating inclusive and future-focused successful organisations.
As well as developing coaches, mentors and leaders, Salma addresses the specific complex systemic challenges faced by global organisations; moving from transactional performance coaching to transformative coaching enabling professional and personal development for all. Her approach is an invitation to dig deeper into what it really means to be inclusive and create equitable and diverse organisations.
Acting as a game changer, Salma is passionate about unlocking the hidden potential for all members of a team, sowing the seeds of long lasting confidence, developing healthy resilience, common connection and purpose.

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