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John Leary-Joyce

John Leary-Joyce




Systemic Team Coaching
23/04/24, 13:00

Founder (1999) and CEO of the Academy of Executive Coaching, John pioneered Systemic Team Coaching Masters training programme with Prof Peter Hawkins & Dr Hilary Lines in 2010, developed ‘Team Connect’ a 360 team survey tool and co-wrote Systemic Team Coaching 2nd Edition 2024 with Dr Hilary Lines.
He has been on the advisory panels to both ICF and EMCC in developing the new competencies and standards for Team Coaching.
As an experienced PCC executive coach and Systemic Team Coach John has worked with many teams and taught team coaching in many countries round the world both face to face and virtually.
His main philosophical base for team coaching is Gestalt, having written Fertile Void, Gestalt Coaching at Work 2014 and in 2021 launched a new venture focusing on Gestalt Advanced coach training that encompasses teamwork –

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