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Hilary Lines

Hilary Lines

Director and Systemic Team coach

Touchpoint Leadership


Systemic Team Coaching
23/04/24, 13:00

Hilary Lines is an Executive and Systemic Team Coach, educator, facilitator and author with over 35 years’ experience of working with senior executive teams in a range of sectors across the globe. She helps teams unlock their full collective leadership potential, enabling them to develop the shared purpose, relational presence and agility to engage productively with their own teams, peers and clients. A driving force for her work lies in her belief that leaders in complex systems create value through working constructively across difference at the 'Touchpoint' of connection: She helps teams take a fresh look at the roots of underperformance and find new ways of relating and leading that ignite energy and deliver results. Hilary leads coaching and systemic team coaching programmes across the world, and is a highly experienced supervisor in Systemic Team Coaching.

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