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Hany Shoukry

Hany Shoukry

Honorary Research Associate

Oxford Brookes


Opportunities and challenges: what ‘new norms’ are required for coaching and supervision in the 21st century?
23/04/24, 14:00

Dr. Hany Shoukry, originally from Egypt and currently based in the UK, is a distinguished researcher and practitioner in the field of coaching, as well as a technology leader in a leading media company in Europe. His pioneering work on Coaching for Emancipation (CFE) have critically explored the interplay between the individual and society in coaching. His research investigates how coaching is shaped by its social context, and how it can help reshaping society, uncovering the impact of social dynamics, and particularly social oppression on individuals, and exploring how people can navigate the journey of liberating themselves and others from such impact. Key publications by Dr. Shoukry, including 'Coaching for Emancipation', 'Coaching for Social Change', 'Coaching as a Social Process', 'Diversity in Coaching', and 'That’s Political! A Freirean Perspective Towards Coaching as a Social Practice', demonstrate his extensive engagement in this field. He is also interested in the future role of AI in coaching. Beyond academia, Dr. Shoukry applies the CFE framework in his coaching practice and trains coaches interested in the critical and social aspects of their practice.

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