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Eike Tischer

Eike Tischer

Leadership Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

Oxford Coaching Partners


Cultivating wellbeing for coaches and coachees
23/04/24, 09:30
Opportunities and challenges for coaching with wellbeing in mind
23/04/24, 10:30

Eike is a business consultant, leadership coach and co-founder of the Oxford Coaching Partners. She has a passion for wellbeing and qualified as a mindfulness teacher with the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre.

Her special research interest is the role of mindfulness in coaching, and her MA dissertation focused on how mindfulness training can support coaches and their practice.

She regularly facilitates experiential coaching workshops and mindfulness training. Eike has a master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice, is an accredited EMCC senior practitioner and a licensed career counsellor.

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