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Bernice Hewson

Bernice Hewson

Founder Raising Racial Consciousness Ltd

Raising Racial Consciousness Ltd


Building the case for a critically conscious practice in coaching: challenging existing worldviews and assumptions
23/04/24, 12:00
Introducing conscientization as a literacy in coaching and supervision
23/04/24, 13:00

Bernice Hewson is a racial equity scholar, anti-racism educator, and the visionary founder of Raising Racial Consciousness Ltd. She collaborates with coach training providers and leadership teams, providing strategic guidance to instil and advance racial equity within their organizations. Bernice is deeply committed to empowering individuals and teams who have deliberately undertaken the journey to enhance their comprehension of racial equity and inclusion.

With a rich professional background, Bernice served as an IT Service Director for over 15 years in prominent corporate and government organisations, where she led and managed large global teams. Her leadership experience lends a practical perspective to her strategic work in promoting racial equity.

Bernice holds a distinguished academic record, having earned a degree in human genetics and a master's degree in culture, diaspora, and ethnicity from Birkbeck University. As an accredited EMCC Senior Practitioner, she brings a wealth of expertise to her endeavours. Bernice's passion lies in creating a non-judgmental space for individuals and teams to engage in the crucial process of learning and unlearning, facilitating their journey to finding their voice in the discourse of racial equity and inclusion.

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