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Bernadette Rothwell

Bernadette Rothwell

Co-Founder & Co-Director

Mélange Coaching Ltd


Leader and Team experiences of and perspectives on team coaching
23/04/24, 14:00

Bernadette is the Co-Founder & Co-Director of Mélange Coaching Ltd. She is a Coach, Team Coach, and Leadership Development Trainer.

With a corporate background in the rail industry, she specialises in understanding organisational culture, challenges, and opportunities, and creates a nurturing yet challenging environment for leaders and teams to grow. Bernadette blends her coaching experience with a people-focused approach characterised by intuition and empathy. She creates environments conducive to open dialogue and personal growth, fostering psychological safety and trust within teams, facilitating challenging conversations with a positive outlook. Bernadette left her corporate career in early 2023 to work in the coaching profession full-time. Since then, she has supported two cohorts through the Mélange Coaching ‘Team Coaching for Leaders Programme’, an accredited training programme for leaders to learn to be ‘leaders that coach teams’, she has worked with teams in large and complex organisations as their Team Coach and is currently supporting the East Coast Digital Programme, a large rail transformation programme, as a Coach and Team Coach.

Bernadette’s key values are Love and Faith and she brings this into her personal life through her devotion to her husband, her three children and two stepchildren, as well as her new role as a Parent Governor where she hopes to bring Team Coaching skills into a large secondary school in Nottingham. She is a creative and likes to bring beauty into her life through photography and sewing - when time permits!

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